Petlas is the first and unique company that can produce military  aircraft  tyre in Turkey. It is a tyre company  which manufactures inner tubes and tyres for all sorts of  land vehicles.

ISO 9001Quality  Security System Certificate obtained under the control of  the German RWTUV Association experts in 1998  including tyre design and  AQAP-110 Industrial Quality Security  Level Certificate obtained under the control of  Ministry of National Defence and Defence Industry Undersecretariat are the only  first two certificates Petlas has on the quality -travel.

Petlas applying Total Quality  Management Model on all its units overcome difficulties with the support of  the staff and expand the continual development  conception in the fabric

The fabric, situated on a field of  2.000.000 m2 and having 200.000m2 roofed field, produces tyres for all sorts of vehicles. Sold out to over 50 countries, Petlas takes place in the world market and has the necessities of being a trademark with its research- development, technology, production, management and marketing orientation and it is increasing  its market share  more and more.

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