Frequently Asked Questions

01 We need a specific tire but we can not see it on your site, can we still get a quote for that tire?
Yes, We carry a large verity of tires, not all our tires can be seen on our website. If you are looking for a specific tire and can not see it here, please contact us, we will gladly give you a quote.
02 Do you handle all the paperwork for export orders?
Yes, Universal Tire International handles all the paperwork for export orders.
03 What kind of warrantee do you give with your tires?
The warrantee varies depending on the tire manufacturer, please check the online catalog or contact us for brand specific warrantee.
04 Can you ship overseas?
Universal tires ships anywhere in the world, we have regular shipments to South America, Central America, North America and Europe, we also ship to other locations, please contact us for more information.
05 Is there a minimum order?
Universal tires handles both small and large orders, there is no minimum order, however we do sell wholesale only.