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Lion Sport 3

Ultra High Performance All-season Tire For Passenger Cars

  • New asymmetric tread design provides excellent handling in both wet and dry conditions.
  • A new and advanced silica-enhanced UHP tread compound formulated to provide class-leading wet grip and extended treadwear.

Lion Sport GP

All-season passenger car tire

  • Wide circumferential grooves effectively evacuate water for improved wet handling.
  • Decoupling groove in tread shoulder block enhances ride comfort and noise.
  • All-season tread design provides traction in a variety of conditions
  • Optimized tread pattern pitch sequence reduces road noise

Lion Sport HP 

High performance tire for passenger cars

  • Wide circumferential grooves effectively evacuate water for improved wet handling

  • Highly angled center tread blocks enhance traction and lateral stability while reducing road noise

  • Solid shoulder tread blocks deliver superb dry traction and confident grip

  • The optimized tread pattern provides a quiet ride on the highway

Lion Sport HP3 

High Performance. Passenger Car tire.

  • Symmetrical pattern Uniform distribution of tire stress, improve wear performance.

  • Strength rib of shoulder-Improve shoulder stiffness, improve handling performance. Reduce shoulder vibration to improve comfortable performance.

  • Unique shoulder cross grooves-Enhance the heat dissipation in the process of driving, improve the tire high speed performance.

Lion Sport UHP

Ultra High Performance tire for Passenger Cars

  • Reinforced tread block elements provide stable handling and even treadwear

  • The solid center rib provides quick response and accurate on-center feel

  • Enhanced UHP Tread Compound delivers superior dry traction and grip

  • Rim flange protector assists in protecting rims from accidental curb damage